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Software Engineering
Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2023

At Truly, we're reinventing the way that businesses understand what's happening in the millions of sales interactions that are happening each day.

Today, everything in sales is self-reported. Reps don't log call notes, and when they do, they're often incomplete, inconsistent or flat out wrong. We've built technology that allows them to skip data entry altogether and focus the customer, while we update CRM for them in the background passively (think of us like Mixpanel but for sales).

Our unique approach to this problem makes us far more effective and cheaper than alternatives, which is why companies like Square, Wix and PWC have made us their partner of choice for several years running.

The data we generate helps everyone in the organization improve:

  • Marketing can send more relevant messaging
  • Managers can proactively detect/solve issues in the pipeline
  • Sales reps avoid 20hrs of administrative work a month.
  • Product/Eng teams get to search through customer interactions to unlock insights.

What Makes Us Different?
We're building a new type of eng culture here @Truly.

  • Other companies: micromanage engineers specs, rigid scrum, etc. Spend hours/weeks refactoring code because the spec was off (it always is). Build MORE process to close the gap between eng delivery and specs.

  • Truly: spend all the time upfront exposing engineers to business/customer context. Empower the engineer to not start code until they are ready to take complete ownership of the feature. Once they take ownership, give them REAL ownership (including collaborating with PMs on release approaches, user analytics, etc).

The result is that our engineers are delivering products that far exceed our customers’ expectations, and engineers are able to directly attribute their impact on the company.

What you&'ll do

  • Convert product requirements into eng specs. Identify the most pragmatic solution to achieve the "Job To Be Done", including collaborating with product to refine requirements.
  • Take ownership of a feature including software development, working with other teams (QA, product) and managing delivery expectations.
  • Ship your code to production, and work with the team to iterate based on usage data/learnings.

Things you'll need

  • 4+ years experience working on non-trivial systems
  • Strong communication & collaboration skills.
  • Passion for building - making the world 1% better every day.
  • Strong judgment - ability to weigh options and choose the pragmatic path
  • Passion for experimentation - going where nobody has gone before.
  • Pride in writing high quality code that scales.

Nice to have

  • Experience with Clojure, NodeJS, RTC (Asterisk/Freeswitch/Kamailio/WEBRTC), DBs (SQL, Redis)
  • Experience with AWS (RDS, SQS, S3, Elasticache, ECS, Cloudformation, etc)
  • Experience with ML/NLP