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Senior Product Manager, Live Operations



Product, Operations
Tokyo, Japan
Posted on Friday, May 12, 2023
At Match Group (NASDAQ: MTCH), millions of members use our products every month and our customers go on tens of thousands of dates every single day. Our reach and impact are staggering. We believe that no business brings more happiness to more people than ours; we can never forget the impact we have on society and most importantly, our community members.Pairs (ペアーズ) is Match Group's flagship service and the leading online dating brand in Japan, used by more than 15 million people in Japan and Taiwan.
Since its launch 10 years ago in 2012, we have received success stories from over 500,000 people and gave birth to 7% of married couples in Japan in 2021.
Our mission is to spark meaningful connections for every single person worldwide. In the 20+ years since we pioneered online dating, hundreds of millions of members from all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, and backgrounds have used our apps to form meaningful connections.
Plan and execute campaigns and in-app events to encourage the use of various functions by users of the dating app, "Pairs", and continuously improve them through PDCA cycles.
Design user experiences to achieve the best possible outcome and work with internal stakeholders such as designers, developers, and support teams to realize them and drive projects forward.

【募集要項】/ Must-have Requirement:

  • オンラインサービス、ゲーム(アプリ)における来客(Session)、ユーザー定着(Retention、FQ5等)、機能利用、売上促進を目的としたイベント・キャンペーン企画、実施についての3年以上の実務経験
  • アプリ内のユーザー行動データ、シーズナリティーや市場動向データなどを用いたユーザーの心理・行動分析、インサイト抽出、それらに基づいた新規イベント・キャンペーンの企画経験
  • Over 3 years of practical experience in planning and executing in-app live operation events and campaigns aimed at increasing user visits (sessions), user retention (retention, FQ5, etc.), function usage, and sales promotion for online services and games (apps).
  • Experience in analyzing users' psychology and behavior, extracting insights, and planning new events and campaigns based on user behavioral data, scenario analysis, market trends data, and other data within the app.

【歓迎条件】/Preferred Requirement

  • 経営陣を含むSeniorメンバーに対して企画、背景、ロジックを資料も使って説明し、議論・合意形成を行うことができる
  • ソーシャルゲームにおける機能やイベント設計、運用の経験
  • ユーザー行動データを活用したプラン作成と意思決定ロジックの構築
  • 英語によるコミュニケーション力(英語ドキュメントの読解、Slack等文字での英語コミュニケーション、英会話があれば尚可)
  • Ability to explain the planning, background, and logic to senior members, including management, using materials, and engage in discussions and reach agreements.
  • Experience in designing and operating functions and events in social games.
  • Ability to create plans using user behavior data and build decision-making logic.
  • Strong communication skills in English (reading English documents, communicating in English via text on Slack, and speaking English is a plus).
産前産後/育児休暇、生理休暇 etc.