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Data Engineer



Software Engineering, Data Science
Canada · United States · Argentina · Remote
Posted on Monday, September 6, 2021

Our world is mobile — the phones in our pockets, our 10+ IoT devices at home, the cars we drive, the way we conduct our work, and the point-of-sale devices from which we buy our coffee and donuts. Embrace is on a mission to make all of our edge experiences exceptional by helping revolutionary companies evolve and excel in this mobile-world that did not exist even 7 years ago. Customers, like Goat, Hilton, Masterclass, Home Depot, and Cameo, love Embrace’s mobile observability and data platform because it makes extremely complicated and voluminous data actionable.

About the Role

We’re looking for a confident data engineer who will help build the data infrastructure vision by creating systems and datasets that the entire company will use. You will design, build, scale, and evolve our data engineering platforms, services and tooling. We are seeking someone who wants to back impact and lay a solid foundation as we are quickly expanding.

What You’ll Do

  • Select, evaluate, and implement the newest and evolving technologies to collect high volume, infinitely cardinal data sets
  • Own one of the most modern data infrastructures to create highly-efficient data pipelines that connect to the entire data infrastructure from Snowflake and Big Query to streaming technologies
  • Design and implement data management services for data trust, data compliance, data access and scalable and configurable metadata management.
  • Optimize data pipelines to scale to processing of 100B+ messages per day in real time
  • Develop methods to ensure the integrity of very complex and evolving data sets

Basic Qualifications

  • 2+ years experience with Python or Golang OR excited to learn Python or Golang plus experience with Java, Rust, C/C++
  • Demonstrate a sense of logic, decision making and problem resolution skills
  • Experience with processing data in large volumes and managing with data stores

Gathering is integral to our culture for collaboration and connection. We want to ensure that all of our new hires have the ability to travel and meet other team members. We estimate the travel for any given role to be a couple of days every month or two.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working with time-series data
  • Experience profiling and optimizing systems in production
  • Experience creating data pipelines with Kafka, Cassandra, and Clickhouse
  • An opinion on Star Wars vs Star Trek

Culture Values

  • Perspective - seeking to understand others’ perspectives
  • Investing - investing in discovering value, unprompted
  • Honesty - delivering brutal honesty kindly
  • Simplest - finding the simplest solutions by focusing on outcomes
  • Ownership - empowering yourself and others through solutions, not answers
  • Dark Humor - finding levity together, even when tackling hard problems

Why join Embrace?

Embrace is growing and recently raised a Series B backed by YCombinator, NEA, Greycroft, and the founders of Testflight, Parse, and PagerDuty. The repeat founding team also started Scopely, a $3B+ unicorn mobile startup. Enterprises, revolutionaries, and vendors rely on the Embrace Data Platform to capture 100% of user-behavioral and technical time-based session data rather than relying on sampling. The engineering, data science, UX, and product teams at NYTimes, Hyatt, OkCupid, and Owlet are driving their businesses with Embrace.

For this role, for a mid-level engineer, the base is $115K - $165K. For someone earlier in their career, our range is a base of $80K - $120K. Note that these are guideline base salary ranges and if you have questions, we would love to discuss! In addition to base pay, we offer equity in the form of options, a variety of benefits, and the opportunity to grow in an exciting and collaborative environment.